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What we aim to do


The group aims to encourage and support as much sport and recreation activity into the park space as possible. Everton Park provides the most stunning areas ideally suited to walking, fitness training, keep fit, cross country running, cycling, horse riding, BMX and other sports. We love them all and want to bring the space to the notice of many more users. To do this we have plans to develop further facilities and organise many more events. As a relatively new group we are still finding our feet, but we are aiming high for Everton Park to become a centre of sporting and recreation excellence in the knowledge that it is critical for everyone's health and wellbeing.  


When we meet


We have a planning group that meets regularly.


Some of our current activities


We are currently preoccupied with developing a skate park and BMX track within the park.

We are hoping to launch the first duathlon within the park


Some of our successes


The Total Wipeout ( It’s a Knockout) event in September 2012 was a wonderful, fun event which drew great crowds of local participants.


Get involved


Get in touch with us if you have your own ideas for events and facilities or could help develop our plans.


For information feel free to  

Contact us

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