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Welcome - Friends of Everton Park

Everton Park is the eye over the city of Liverpool.  Still a secret to most, it’s a green lung under transformation into one of the 'must visit' attractions in the region.


Carved out of successive housing demolitions and mass exodus throughout the last decades of the 1900’s, it is home to the huge Lost Tribe of Everton. It has at its heart the highest point in Liverpool and under its grass a remarkable history.


The Friends of Everton Park, formed in 2010, are a group of over 380 members and, in partnership with the Council, Liverpool Biennial, The Land Trust and many others is forging ahead with plans to make the space a visitor attraction of excellence.  


Whether your interest is adrenalin activity, challenging fitness trails, wildflower excellence, cycling, play trails, historic sites of national importance or the tranquillity of a bench view over one of the great cities of the world - that is our business and we are making good progress.


Join us, visit the space, feel the history, take up the challenge – 'Fall in Love with Everton Park'.

Commemorating the Past, Celebrating

the Present, Creating the Future


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