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The Blue Run

What we aim to do


The annual Blue Run is a West Everton Community Council event which takes place in Everton Park in memory of Joseph Lapin. It's an event which has two courses:


The 1km track:

This track is the easier & shorter of the two which anybody can enter. Many people choose to walk or jog depending on their ability. Generally this is more family orientated.


The 3km track:

This track is the more difficult & longer of the two. The minimum age for entrants is 14 years of age. The track is more suited to single or teams of runners. We often see boxing clubs and running teams on this course.


When we meet


The race date and meeting place for the 2016 Blue Run has not yet been announced.

In 2015 we met by the colonades below the View Point.


Is there an entry fee?


The entry fee is £1. If you would like, you may pay £2 and recieve a complimentary Blue Run t-shirt.


Important! - Entry Forms & Closing Date


The closing date for all entry forms was 16th October 2015 last year. Entry forms for each race can be downloaded here:


1km entry form

3km entry form


Are there prizes?


For the winners of each course we have a selection of winners medals to be presented.


Want to be a steward?


If you would be interested in vounteering your time as a steward for the race then please do not hesitate to contact Paul Edwards on 07810 623 992 or e-mail pauledwards.0001@gmail.com

Contact us